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Our Mission & Goals

Education Books Bookshelfs

The World of the Ministry of Education

* “The Key to the World of Education – Encyclopedia and Research for the Ministry of Education”.


* Ongoing work relationship with the Ministries of Education and key leaders, world wide.



The World of School Principals

* “The Key to the World of Education – Encyclopedia and Research for School Principals”. Version 4. Hebrew & English.

* Training course curriculum for school principals.

* Ongoing work relationship with leaders around the world who have strong influences on school principals (e.g. heads of training courses for principals).

* Consultation for school principals world wide. Free of charge.


Parents & Educators

* “Education in a Minute - Encyclopedia for Parents & Educators”.



* Lobbying the Government of Canada to obtain funds for our educational institutions.


Financial Coaching

* Financial coaching and planning.

* A yearly financial guidebook & help line (great financial ideas and suggestions; benefits available to middle and low income individuals).

Hanging DIY Decorations

At a farbrengen my father proclaimed: Just as wearing tefillin every day is a Mitzva commanded by the Torah to every individual regardless of his standing in Torah, whether deeply learned or simple, so, too, it is an absolute duty for every parent to spend half an hour every day considering the Torah-education of his children and to do everything in his power - and beyond his power - to inspire his children to follow the path along which they are guided (Hayom Yom, 22 Teves).

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