A Word From The Director

There are a number of institutions and events that occur in our lifetimes that greatly impact our future, the future of our community and the future of the world. 

Even a single good deed or project makes the world lighter and brighter. 

However, there are 3 pillars that are the FOUNDATION of our future and the future of generations to come through which we succeed in making the world a good and safe place in which to live. 

They are:


  • Education:


Education is the primary fundamental of humankind. When we ponder, even for a brief moment, the darkness that has enveloped our world for millennia our conclusion, inevitably, can only be that the way to avoid further descent into darkness, the only way to repair our world lies in educating our youth. We must imbue our youth with proper values, faith, empathy and a sense of responsibility to help others empowering them to build better societies.

If the world’s nations would invest in the moral and ethical development of their children as they invest to advance our material comforts our world – even without its present advanced technology – would be far more sophisticated and progressive.



  • Community Structure:


The structure of our community and its leadership has an profound influence on our lives and our culture, on the emotional health of our families, and the welfare and future of our children. 

Community structure does not occur spontaneously.  A community must be led and structured by leaders who are dedicated to the betterment of others and are, as well, capable leaders.

Throughout history many of our great scholars and leaders placed great emphasis on structuring, guiding and leading their communities.

The great scholar, Maimonides, in addition to his great works of scholarship in philosophy and legal codification dedicated a tremendous amount of his time, daily, to leading his community.  The ruling Sultan honored him with the title, “The President of the Community”.     




  • Financial independence and stability:

Financial stability is necessary for community advancement and progress, materially and spiritually. It is for this reason that many great and past scholars invested their wealth in buying land, for example, in order to create a source of jobs and ultimately financial stability for their communities.


The Lamplighter Foundation’s staff has been involved in the field of education for more than 30 years and in more recent years has become deeply involved in community matters.

The Lamplighter Foundation focuses, through its projects, on the welfare of our Toronto community with the knowledge that in this era of instant communication a ripple effect can influence geographically distant locations. 

The Lamplighter Foundation concentrates its time and efforts in advancing these three pillars in the hope of bettering our present and future and the future of our children for generations to come. 

With strong belief, dedication and love, we will light up our community and the world. 

Mottel Wechter & The Board of The Lamplighter Foundation

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