I have been involved in the field of education and “the world of school principals” for over 30 years.

I’ve gone through all stages and positions as school principal, executive director, trustee, consultant to school principals, and author of the six volume book series, “The Key to the World of Education – Encyclopedia and Research for School Principals”. In recent years I’m involved with community service in my hometown, Toronto, Canada.

Over my lifetime I have spent endless hours and years “hands on” and I have dedicated a phenomenal amount of time, as well, to research. I have witnessed much and can confidently say that although institutions arise and events occur, in our lifetimes, that greatly impact our lives - even a single good deed or project makes the world lighter and brighter - yet the world stands on the two fundamental pillars of education and community leadership also referred to as "the world of askoness”!

This is THE FOUNDATION of our future and the future of generations to come through which we succeed in illuminating the world so that it become a better and safer place in which to live. 


Education - the foundation of our humanity:

Education is fundamental to our identities as human beings. As we ponder, for a brief moment, the progressive darkness that has enveloped our world for millennia we are forced to conclude that only through the enlightened education of our youth can we repair our world. Our children must be imbued with strong values, faith, empathy and the virtue of helping others. If the world’s nations would invest in education like they invest in technology and the advancement of physical science our world – even without modern technology – would be far more advanced and “human.” 




Community Structure:

The structure of our community and its leadership has a profound influence on our lives and culture, on the emotional health of our families, and upon the welfare and future of our children. 

Community structure does not occur spontaneously. A community must be led and structured by leaders who are dedicated to the betterment of others and are capable leaders.

Throughout history many of our great scholars and leaders placed great emphasis on structuring, guiding and leading their communities.

The great scholar, Maimonides, in addition to his great works of scholarship in philosophy and legal codification dedicated a tremendous amount of his time, daily, to leading his community.  The ruling Sultan honored him with the title, “The President of the Community”.    

The Lamplighter Foundation concentrates its time and efforts in advancing these two pillars in the hope of bettering our present and future and the future of our children for generations to come.  We are not just looking for work or occupation, we seek and aim to make the world lighter and there, and only there, is where we invest our time an effort.



I would like to thank all our dear partners for their tremendous loyalty and dedication, generous support and for the warm welcome you have given me all year round. “My share is your share.”

Thanks to the loyal and dedicated staff of The Lamplighter Foundation.

Thanks to our loyal and dedicated askonin, Reb Shmuel Chaim Reidel and Reb Izzy Miller for “being there” for us 24/7 with love and concern.

Thanks to our dedicated lawyer, R’ Dov Goldberg, who will continue to guide us along our way.

Thanks to all school executive directors and principals for placing their trust in us and in our efforts. 

Thanks to all Choshuveh Rabonim for their support and courage.

Thanks to our dear donors for their amazing and warm financial support.

We would never have reached our goals without the partnership of each and every one of you. 

With true achdus and Ahavas Yisroel we are all working hard with singular purpose toward the goal of lighting up the world in order to make it a better place to live in, for ourselves and for future of generations.  

Mottel Wechter & The Board of The Lamplighter Foundation