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Latest Update: May 15, 2018

In the light of Chazal’s instruction, "מצווה לפרסם עושי מצווה" – that it’s important to publicize kindness and good deeds - we are proud to announce the list of our supporters:

Beenstock, Reb Ely & Family

Bleeman, Reb Aaron & Family

Buchbuth, Reb Shlomo & Family

Felder, Rabbi Yakov & Family

Forer, Reb Chaim & Family

Freidberg, Reb Dov & Family

Freidman, Reb Ben Tzion & Family

Frenkel, Reb Yehoshuah & Family

Geshtetner, Reb Aaron tzvi & Family

Greenwald, Reb Shlomo chaim & Family

Gross, Reb Shimshi & Family

Grosz, Reb Shmuel & Family

Hauer, Reb Shmuel & Family

Heitner, Reb Ben Tzion & Family

Heller, Reb Feivel & Family

Herzog, Reb Jacob & Family

Hertzog, Reb Yakov & Family

Jacobs, Reb Poal & Family

Jakubovioc, Reb Noam & Family

Jenawsky, Reb Yosef & Family

Kapolowitz, Mrs. Dora & Family

Kohn, Reb Tom & Family

Konig, Reb Ely & Family

Korobkin, Rabbi Daniel & Family

Lowy, Rabbi Moshe Mordechai & Family

Miller, Reb Izzy & Family

Moskof, Reb Beirny & Family

Muller, Rabbi Y.Y. & Family

Plotkin, Rabbi Avrohom & Family

Rabinowitz, Reb Shaul & Family

Rapport, Reb Yossi & Family

Reichman, Reb Chezky & Family

Reichman, Reb Berry, Chany & Family

Reichman, Reb Berry & Egoza

Reidel, Rabbi Shmuel Chaim & Family

Rothchild, Reb Leny & Family

Rubner, Reb Moshe & Family

Seidenfield, Reb Motty & Family

Sigler, Reb Binyomin & Family

Sigler, Reb Moshe & Family

Touber, Reb Shmuel & Family

Tress, Reb Tzvi & Family

Tzukerman, Reb Dovid & Family

Weinstock, Reb Gershon & Family

Zeifman, Reb Larry & Family

Zolty, Reb Dovid & Family

Zolty, Reb Shlomo & Family






Azrieli Foundation


Costco Canada. Markham Branch.

​​Your pledges, support, feedback, advice and courage is a source of inspiration and encouragement. We are extremely thankful for all this.

​Please bring your friends with you and together we will, B”H, continue to build a strong, warm and united community!

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