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Education in a Minute
- Encyclopedia for Parents & Educators



The World of the Ministry of Education

“The Key to the World of Education – Encyclopedia and Research for the Ministry of Education”

At the beginning of 2020, right before the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, I completed the 6-volume project “The Key to the World of Education – Encyclopedia and Research for School Principals”. Years of work came to an end. Naturally, I felt the right time had arrived to move on and fulfill a life time dream and vision and so I began the project, “The Key To The World Of Education - Encyclopedia and Research for the Ministry of Education”.  `

​The research is at an early stage of writing and editing. However, it will be updated periodically in “real time” on the website of The Lamplighter Foundation. As time passes, I will publish more articles and research findings. At the end of the project we will publish the series with a physical print.


How did this project begin?

Over the last 30 years, as a principal and as otherwise associated with “the world of principals”, many issues arose that are naturally viewed from the point of view of principals. However, every coin has two sides and the Ministry of Education views things differently. Ultimately, the two sides make one beautiful coin.

During all these years I archived a phenomenal amount of articles and ideas related to the Ministry of Education.

In light of the above and as a continuation of the project for school principals, I initiated the project for the Ministry of Education. The two will complement each other for the benefit and future of our children for generations to come.

In addition: we work together with well-known professionals with rich histories in their respective fields. Their articles and findings will be a part of this project with the hope that many more Ministers of Education and executive directors (currently and former) will join this unique project.

The link to the project:

Ongoing work relationship with the Ministries of Education and key leaders, world wide

The purpose and the goal of the encyclopedia and research for the Ministry of Education is to hit the ground!

It’s extremely important to ensure that the wonderful ideas conceived in the research affect significant changes to the Ministry of Education’s system.

Thus, an ongoing work relationship with the Ministry of Education and educational leaders around the world is a huge part of our mission.

The World of School Principals

“The Key to the World of Education – Encyclopedia and Research for School Principals”. Version 4. Hebrew & English

“The Key to the World of Education – Encyclopedia and Research for School Principals” 3rd. version includes 1400 pages divided into 120 chapters.  

This research covers all topics with which a school principal should be familiar.  It is a useful guide to relationships with parents, staff guidance, partner relationships with donors, communication with the Ministry of Education, interesting educational research articles, financing, useful forms, halachic questions and law.  Included is a professional curriculum ready to be adapted to each school.

The Vital Importance and Uniqueness of this Particular Project:

Among the 100,000 books that “Otzer Hachochma” contains there is not one book of Jewish History that addresses Jewish schools.  Is this not a sufficient reason to roll up one’s sleeves and undertake such a project? 

Furthermore, as is well known in education generally and managing schools in particular there is no room for mistakes. One mistake can damage a child’s life. Therefore, we have devoted ourselves to the research necessary to produce this volume and project.  The principles and advice found within the project have aided principals who might otherwise have erred in small ways thereby affecting their students’ futures.  In fact, those of us in the field of education have seen small mistakes affect generations.

We cannot afford mistakes when it comes to our children’s education and futures. 

The world needs a “Shluchan Oruch” for school principals covering all topics and subjects with which school principals must be acquainted. This is vital to assure the success of the present generation and much more so for generations to come.

In light of my deep concern regarding the above, I have chosen to dedicate several years of my life to this unique project which comprises 1400 pages, thus far.


While the ink of the third version is still wet and we are still working on marketing this project and ensuring that we reach every single school possible, we have begun to work on the fourth version.

Many articles and much research has been done since we published the 3rd. version and we are ready to begin the fourth.

However, this version will be greatly upgraded.

  • We will not wait for the project to be completed in order to go to print. We will not even wait for each volume to be completed. The entire project will be done virtually, online. Every completed chapter will go online and will be available for everyone to read and download free of charge.

  • In addition, every chapter written in Hebrew will quickly be translated into English. Every article and chapter will simultaneously be published in both languages and at the same time.

  • Down the road, when the project is completed, we will publish the entire project as a hard copy.

Until this project is completed anyone that wishes to use a hard copy is welcome to purchase the entire set of 6 volume of the 3rd.version at cost price plus shipping expenses only.

The link to view version 4:

Training course curriculum for school principals

In continuation of the project Encyclopedia and Research for School Principals, we are also preparing a training course curriculum for school principals that can be used for seminaries and institutions that are devoted to training school principals.

Ongoing work relationship with leaders around the world who have strong influences on school principals (e.g. heads of training courses for principals)

The purpose and the goal of both the encyclopedia for school principals and the training course curriculum is to reach active school principals.

It’s extremely important to ensure that the wonderful ideas contained in the research, comprising 1400 pages, are implemented within the school system!

Therefore, an ongoing work relationship with educational leaders around the world is a huge part of our mission.

Consultation for school principals world wide. Free of charge

One of the objectives of the project, “Encyclopedia and Research for School Principals,” is to encourage school principals and heads of educational institutions to make contact and discuss important issues that affect their respective educational institutions. 

Over the years I’ve had the honor to consult and help many school principals worldwide.

The Lamplighter Foundation’s door is open 24/7 and we are more than happy to lend a warm and professional hand to school principals, worldwide. 

All with true love and care - and free of charge!

Parents & Educators

“Education in a Minute - Encyclopedia for Parents & Educators”

“Education in a Minute” – “Encyclopedia for Parents and Educators” is a unique book with a clear goal and purpose - to provide an overall view of education and to enrich the knowledge of parents and educators who will learn about the many educational issues that affect their children and students daily.


All books are available for sale online and “self-service”.

The link is:

For the benefit and advancement of education for generations to come all research findings, articles, books and publications from The Lamplighter Foundation will be published on our website and will be free of charge! However, If you wish to receive a hard copy of one of our books, please feel free to order on line for cost price plus shipping expenses only. 


Lobbying the Government of Canada

Lobbing and campaigning for government funding of private schools in Ontario and in Canada in general was never without challenges.  It’s obvious that in order to resolve our concerns we will have to campaign consistently. 

The Lamplighter Foundation staff, in conjunction with other organizations and askonim, privately volunteered a tremendous amount of time to move this operation.

Financial Coaching

Financial coaching and planning

The Lamplighter Foundation has identified the need among many families in our community to identify their current financial situation and achieve financial stability through financial coaching.

To embrace this demand, we launched a project of free financial coaching. This project will provide professional tools and proper financial management skills that are suited to each family’s needs.

A yearly financial guidebook & help line (Great financial ideas and suggestions; Benefits available to middle and low income individuals).

This informative booklet contains:

  • great financial ideas and suggestions.

  • benefits available from federal, provincial, and municipal governments including funding available to middle and low income individuals.


We established a “hot line” that people can call or to which they can email for questions and guidance. 

Below is a graph that provides a rough estimate of the money that benefitted our community thanks to our “awareness and helpline” facility.

Please note:

  • The graph includes only 4 programs (out of many).

  • Our calculation is based upon the 130 families that contacted our foundation in the past years (and have at least 4 children) and used these programs.  

  • This booklet was distributed all over the city. We cannot accurately and precisely determine its full impact.

Table of Prujacts-1.jpg
Reviewing the Law

At a farbrengen my father proclaimed: Just as wearing tefillin every day is a Mitzva commanded by the Torah to every individual regardless of his standing in Torah, whether deeply learned or simple, so, too, it is an absolute duty for every parent to spend half an hour every day considering the Torah-education of his children and to do everything in his power - and beyond his power - to inspire his children to follow the path along which they are guided (Hayom Yom, 22 Teves).

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