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One of the impressive characteristics of our generation is its desire for excellent and professional education for its children.  This desire is not limited to parents. Educators, teachers, executive directors, principals, heads of educational institution, ministries of education all strive to improve the educational experience of our children. 

Notwithstanding, the number of children dropping out of mainstream education grows from year to year.   

The potential effect of this distressing development on future generations – marriage, social cohesion, identity issues and so on – is profound.  We are all aware, to name one example, of the increasingly high numbers of divorce in this generation. The souls of our youth are desperately crying out for help! 


This alarming situation can and must be reversed. 


For some time, now, experienced and professional educators are screaming out, loud and clear - the educational system in all levels needs a good shake-up! It's time for dramatic changes! It's time to see and speak the truth!  Most importantly - it’s time to bring true light to the world by putting all these amazing ideas in writing. In this way truth will be seen as clear as crystal!

The Lamplighter Foundation, under the leadership of Mr. Mottel Wechter, has dedicated more than 30 years to the research, writing and the dissemination of educational materials including an encyclopedia for parents and educators.  However, the majority of our time and research is dedicated to the topic of school leadership and the Ministry of Education. 

The Lamplighter Foundation works together with educators with years of experience and with a solid track record of success assisting school principals. 


The fruit of our research and educational partnerships are the following books series:


1.  “Education in a Minute - Encyclopedia for Parents & Educators”


“Education in a Minute” – “Encyclopedia for Parents and Educators” is a unique book with a clear goal and purpose - to provide an overall view of education and to enrich the knowledge of parents and educators who will learn about the many educational issues that affect their children and students daily.



2.  “The Key to the World of Education - Encyclopedia and Research for Principals”



“The Key to the World of Education – Encyclopedia and Research for School Principals” 3rd. version includes 1400 pages divided into 120 chapters.  


This research covers all topics with which a school principal should be familiar.  It is a useful guide to relationships with parents, guiding the staff, partner relationships with donors, communication with the Ministry of Education, interesting educational research articles, financing, useful forms, halachic questions and law.  Included is a professional curriculum ready to be adapted to each school.


The Vital Importance and Uniqueness of this Particular Project:


Among the 100,000 books that “Otzer Hachochma” contains there is not one book of Jewish History that targets Jewish schools.  Is this not a sufficient reason to roll up one’s sleeves and undertake such a project? 


Furthermore, as is well known in education generally and managing schools in particular there is no room for mistakes. One mistake can damage a child’s life. Therefore, we have devoted ourselves to the research  necessary to produce this volume and project.  The principles and advice found within the project have aided principals who might otherwise have erred in small ways thereby affecting their students’ futures.  In fact, those of us in the field of education have seen small mistakes affect generations.


We cannot afford mistakes when it comes to our children’s education and futures. 


The world needs a “Shluchan Oruch” for school principals covering all topics and subjects with which school principals must be acquainted. This is vital for the success of the present generation and much more so for generations to come.


In light of my deep concern regarding the above I have chosen to dedicate several years of my life to this unique project which comprisandes 1400 pages thus far.



3.  “The Key to the World of Education - Encyclopedia and Research for the Ministry of Education”


“The Key to the World of Education - Encyclopedia and Research for the Ministry of Education” is a unique, exclusive project which targets the Ministry of Education and executive directors of the Ministers of Education. 

This research is at an early stage of writing and editing as we work together with well-known professionals with a rich record in their respective fields.

please see the first draft:




​All books are available for sale online and “self-service”.


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For the benefit and advancement of education for generations to come all research findings, articles, books and publications from The Lamplighter Foundation will be published on our website and will be free of charge! However, If you wish to receive a hard copy of one of our books, please feel free to order on line for cost price plus shipping expenses only. 


Education - Consultancy


​One of the objectives of the project, “Encyclopedia and Research for School Principals,” is to encourage school principals and heads of educational institutions to make contact and discuss important issues that affect their respective educational institutions. 

Over the years I’ve had the honor to consult and help many school principals worldwide.

‘The Lamplighter Foundation’ door is open 24/7 and we are more than happy to lend a warm and professional hand to school principals, and to the Ministries of Education worldwide. 


All with true love and care - and free of charge!

At a farbrengen my father proclaimed: Just as wearing tefillin every day is a Mitzva commanded by the Torah to every individual regardless of his standing in Torah, whether deeply learned or simple, so, too, it is an absolute duty for every parent to spend half an hour every day considering the Torah-education of his children and to do everything in his power - and beyond his power - to inspire his children to follow the path along which they are guided (Hayom Yom, 22 Teves).