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Become a Partner

The Lamplighter Foundation operates on a “shoe-string” budget.  We have no office expenses, no logistics etc. Every dollar that you invest multiplies to a much larger figure.  Every donation is used to get the best value for money. 

​However, our work plan for the coming years requires funds just for basic expenses. Furthermore, the nature of research, in particular, research of a high standard, requires a tremendous level of concentration and “financial worry free”.


The Lamplighter Foundation seeks sponsors who have been blessed with the means to help and who see our goals as a positive investment in the future.  We welcome them as full partners in our projects which will help shape future generations!


The Lamplighter Foundation would like to express in advance our sincere thanks and appreciation for your beloved and loyal support. Your input and generous support will be greatly appreciated!


There is a lot more to be done!

Please be an active financial partner!

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Donation Jar

"God's blessing brings wealth."  This general statement surely applies to one who occupies himself with the needs of the community particularly in matters of charity and in strengthening Judaism. "God does not remain in debt." For every good thing a person does he is recompensed grandly by God, with children, health and livelihood, in abundance. 


(Hayom Yom, Elul 28).

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