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Poverty Relief
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Poverty Relief 

One of our projects is to provide struggling families tools to escape the cycle of poverty.

  • It's no secret that, due to several factors, inflation is now a major concern of governments and the public.

  • The cost of living has gone up dramatically in recent months.

  • Houses in Toronto are no longer affordable for low, and even middle, income families.

  • The challenge facing many families who wish to reside in an increasingly unaffordable Toronto is exacerbated by the provincial government’s unwillingness to provide funding for private school tuition.


We are witnessing, among low income families, increasing hardship to obtain basic necessities!

The Lamplighter Foundation successfully empowers families to financial independence. This year alone we’ve helped over 140 families. 


Our project includes:

  • Financial coaching and planning.

  • A yearly financial guidebook & help line (great financial ideas and suggestions; info regarding benefits available to middle and low income individuals).

  • Food vouchers.

  • Help with mortgage and rent payments.


Financial assistance is offered to families whose income is below the poverty line. Determination of “low income family” is based upon the taxpayer’s Notice of Assessment.  There are no fees (e.g. application fees) to the families.

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Online Donation, Volunteer and Charity Concept. Woman Making Donate via Internet on Mobile

The Tzemach Tzedek once told his son, my grandfather, an incident in his experience, and concluded: For helping someone with his livelihood, even to earn just 70 kopeks (a small, low-value Russian coin) on a calf, all the gates to the Heavenly Chambers are open for him.

Years later my grandfather told this to my father and added: One should really know the route to the Heavenly Chambers, but it is not crucial. What is crucial is the main thing - to help another wholeheartedly, with sensitivity, to take pleasure in doing a kindness to another  (Hayom Yom 28 Sivan).

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