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The Lamplighter Foundation was founded in order to launch off new projects and serve the Jewish community in GTA in two main areas:

  1. Education.

  2. Helping families get out of the poverty cycle.


All our services to the community are targeting families that these services are needed and would cause them to go into financial difficulty if they would to pay for it on their own.

In order to achieve the final goals, we have set up our plans and projects that we will launch off. 

Below is a list of current and future projects.


“One 2 One - Big Brother”

“Big Brother” is a unique project that targets children from very low-income families. Unfortunately, many children growing up in low income families are strongly affected by their parents' financial situation.


In our community, there are many low income families that have difficulty providing their families with basic necessities. In such cases the health, education and social welfare of the children are typically the first to be affected.  


Our plan is to hire professional educators and assign them to these children on a “one to one” basis.  


The goal is to develop these children in two main areas:


1. To ensure that the children’s native skills are developed to their appropriate age level.

2. “One to One - Big brother”, will also look out for the emotional stability and welfare of those children that are most affected by the economic circumstances of their parents.




No child left behind!

In GTA there are over 250,000 Jews. 


Many of the families, mainly large families, can’t even afford “to close the month”.  Never mind that any expense considered “extra”, is not even an option for them. 


As a result, many children from poor families don’t have a chance to develop their emotional and social skills.

If all year-round parents are not coping with the financial burden, when it comes to the summer vacation and schools are closed there are hundreds of children that are on the streets for the all summer!

This scenario causes for those children major damage (as explained below)! 

The Lamplighter Foundation, with a joint effort with other organizations, has made it a goal to fundraise and ensure that no child is left behind, and every child is being in a proper framework during the summer months, and gets the exciting summer they deserve to get! 


What is the importance of the project?

1. Our main values that we teach the children is that learning, and education is top priority.  By letting the child “off the hook” for the whole summer with no environment at all, we are simply undoing all our philosophies and values in education. 


2.  A child on the streets for even one month can lose all the parent's and school's efforts of the entire year! How can we afford to lose all our efforts made all year round?!


3. Every child, even one who is considered an “excellent student”, is subject to the influences of the "world", particularly when not in a educational environment during the two months of summer. We have seen many cases of wonderful children who have been lead to become "at risk child" after one summer.  


4. Furthermore, a lack of discipline and structure during the summer vacation is a bad starting point for the child for the coming new year.  A healthy and motivating summer is a strong and positive starting point for the coming year!


5. at the end: Let’s put ourselves into the mind of a child mind who, during the year, works very hard at school and achieves excellence.  At the end of the school year the child remains at home while most of his friends go to camp. His parents explain to him that “camp is unaffordable”. What do you think this does to the child's confidence?! 


Its time to realize that when it comes to the foundations of Education there is no difference between poor and rich.  Every child must go to camp!  


In summery:


In the light of the above, it is very clear that it's our responsibility to make every effort that every child attends a program during the summer months. 

No child should be left behind!


Educational advisor


One of the main challenges in our generation, is education.  Many parents, feel lost or confused when it comes to dealing with their children.

“Dealing with children” is actually an understatement. We need to develop our children and youth and plan seeds for their future and for generations to come.  Parents must have all professional skills in order to handle and develop their children! 

The Lamplighter Foundation, is providing a one to one educational advisor and any parents that needs the service and can’t afford it, is more than welcome to use our offer free of charge.



Financial Coach & Benefit Researcher


The Lamplighter Foundation will provide, free of charge, a one to one Financial Coach for each family to assist families to acquire and practice financial skills that will improve their financial outcomes and build their financial security.


The Lamplighter Foundation will also provide families with a Benefit Researcher who will look at each family’s situation and research, guide and offer assistance in completing forms to ensure that each family according to its situation is aware of and has access to available income boosting benefits and tax credits.


Currently we have a booklet which has all Benefits available in Ontario & Canada.  to download the booklet - Please Click here!

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