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One of the impressive characteristics of our generation is its desire for excellent and professional education for its children.  This desire is not limited to parents. Educators, teachers, executive directors, department heads in educational ministries all strive to improve the educational experience of our children. 

Notwithstanding, the number of children dropping out of mainstream education grows from year to year.   

The potential effect of this distressing development on future generations – marriage, social cohesion, identity issues and so on – is profound.  We are all aware, to name one example, of the increasingly high numbers of divorce in this generation. The souls of our youth are desperately crying out for help! 

This alarming situation can be reversed. 

‘The Lamplighter Foundation,’ under the leadership of Mr. Mottel Wechter, has dedicated more than 30 years to the research, writing and the dissemination of educational materials including an encyclopedia for parents and educators.  However, much of our time and research is dedicated to the topic of school leadership and the Ministry of Education. 

‘The Lamplighter Foundation’ works together with educators with years of experience and with a solid track record of success assisting school principals. 

The fruit of our research and educational partnerships are the following book series:


1.  “Education in a Minute - Encyclopedia for Parents & Educators”


“Education in a Minute” – “Encyclopedia for Parents and Educators” is a unique book divided according to the calendar. For each day of the year there appears a short yet profound daily tip.

The book’s purpose is to provide an overall view of education and to enrich the knowledge of parents and educators who will learn about the many educational issues that affect their children daily.



2.  “The Key to the World of Education - Encyclopedia and Research for Principals”


“The Key to the World of Education – Encyclopedia and Research for School Principals” 3rd. version includes 1300 pages divided into 120 chapters.  

This research covers all topics with which a school principal should be familiar.  It is a useful guide to relationships with parents, guiding the staff, partner relationships with donors, communication with the Ministry of Education, interesting educational research articles, financing, useful forms, halachic questions and law.  Included is a professional curriculum ready to be adapted to each school.



3.  “The Key to the World of Education - Encyclopedia and Research for the Ministry of Education”


“The Key to the World of Education - Encyclopedia and Research for the Ministry of Education”, is a unique exclusive project which targets the Ministry of Education, executive directors of the Ministers of Education. 

This research is at the early stage of writing and editing and is under the leadership of Mr. Mottel Wechter together with well-known professionals with a rich record in their respective fields.



volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 are available online for purchase via the following link:  http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/thelamplighterfoundation


For the benefit and advancement of education for generations to come all research findings, articles, books and publications from The Lamplighter Foundation will soon be published on our website and will be free of charge!

If you wish to receive a hard copy of one of our books please feel free to email us and we will ship it to you for cost price plus shipping expenses only. 


In addition, ‘The Lamplighter Foundation’, is available to lend a warm and professional hand to school principals, leaders of institutions of education and to the Ministries of Education worldwide. 

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