Community Service

Community Service


The GTA Financial Guidebook & Help Line


This informative booklet contains:

  • great financial ideas and suggestions.


  • benefits available from federal, provincial, and municipal governments including funding available to middle and low income individuals.

We established a “hot line” that people can call or to which they can email for questions and guidance. 


Below is a graph that provides a rough estimation of the money that benefitted our community thanks to our “awareness and helpline” facility.

Please note:


1. The graph includes only 4 programs (out of many).

2. Our calculation is based upon the 130 families that contacted our foundation in the past years (and have at least 4 children) and used these programs.  3. This booklet was distributed all over the city. We cannot accurately and precisely determine its full impact.




The GTA Financial Guidebook & Help Line – Covid 19 version

A part of The GTA Financial Guidebook. At the inception of the Covid-19 outbreak we published a special edition booklet which contains all financial support that is available.

We received overwhelming feedback in response to this guidebook.  We hope and pray that it will not be needed in the future.


Grants Guidebook for Schools

“Thinking out of the box”: in 2020 we started an initiative to provide free consultancy to local schools and educational institutions in Greater Toronto about grants and government funds available for schools and summer camps.

We will publish a booklet that will include all the information about grants available in Canada for schools and educational project. The booklet will also include answers to questions such as: who gives for what, contact information, tips how to apply, etc.




Lobbing and campaigning for government funding of private schools in Ontario was never without challenges.  It’s obvious that in order to resolve this issue we will have to campaign consistently. 


The Lamplighter Foundation staff, in conjunction with other organizations and askonim, privately volunteered a tremendous amount of time to move this operation.

The Tzemach Tzedek once told his son, my grandfather, an incident in his experience, and concluded: For helping someone with his livelihood, even to earn just 70 kopeks (a small, low-value Russian coin) on a calf, all the gates to the Heavenly Chambers are open for him.

Years later my grandfather told this to my father and added: One should really know the route to the Heavenly Chambers, but it is not crucial. What is crucial is the main thing - to help another wholeheartedly, with sensitivity, to take pleasure in doing a kindness to another  (Hayom Yom 28 Sivan).

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